Hi, I’m Sabrina

I’m a designer and design researcher based in Düsseldorf, Germany. I combine product design, user experience, and interaction design to work on topics related to future tech and its impact on our well-being and environment. (Photo: Eva Czaya)

WeHub, the Interactive Table Projector

WeHub makes the central dining table in households interactive. By interacting with its tangibles, it can project visual media, visually recognize various objects, and control external smart devices.

The City of Cockaigne 2040

The City of Cockaigne 2040 is a design fiction for a future city that produces enough food for all its inhabitants by diverse means of urban farming methods.

Typology of Urban Farming

The Typology of Urban Farming is a system of symbols that helps to categorize the countless ways of urban farming to distinguish different farms at a glance.


The mobile kitchen Taurus makes it possible to use large vehicles flexibly for camping purposes.

Industrial Meadow

The cybernetic sound installation Industrial Meadow is a symbol of untouched nature put into disquiet by human intervention.

Ionimus Man

Ionimus Man is an advertising character for air purification systems.

Orbit – Ring Shower

The ring shower Orbit is height-adjustable, allows hands-free use, and enables water contact from all sides.

Screwdriver for Schoolchildren

The cordless screwdriver for school children offers visual clarity, stability, and hand protection to learn manual work confidently.

2D3D – Lamp

A pendant lamp from two-dimensional
polypropylene shapes.